And here i am...

I'm so excited to start this amazing project, it has been a crazy year for me, but I would like to start properly, that's why I want to tell you how and where this passion started for me.

I studied "ciencias de la cominucación" (communication science) which is about everything that can encompass the visual media. I was young and wasn't sure what I wanted for my life, it was an amazing expierence and I learnt a lot, that is when I started to discover my future.

With the year and after moving to different cities in my country (Mexico) the life put a camera in my hands, and a huge curiosity woke up inside me.

I wasn't sure at that moment what kind of photographer I wanted to be, but I was sure I would discover that with the time.

This photo is me in my home city (Guadalajara) during my explorations of looking for what I wanted to do.

Every day was an adventure trying to find my way, every moment was a good excuse to use my camera, even that crazy day with thunder I just sat at the door of my room trying to catch a lightening strike.

Any event was good enough to be practicing, I just wanted to get better.

After a couple of years my city started to be too small for my dream. I remember one new year at my home with all of my family, one crazy idea crossed my mind; it was so fast and so clear and just in that second I decided to move to the Caribbean. I was sure that in a place full of tourism I could continue to grow photographically. I told to my family and 14 days after that I was in Cancun!

Mobile: 022 407-7314

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